Beginners Classes


We believe that every dog and owner should attend basic obedience classes. It gives you an insight on how to train your dog and what your dog will work for. Our beginners’ courses are six week blocks and we focus on lead work, sit stays, sit to the down, recall and controlled socialisation. We have 10-12 people in a class and because we have a team of  instructors we are able to give you   a more personal experience in a class enviroment. Our instructors are mentored and some are qualified in their own right by the P.D.T.I. Our classes are practical classes and you will be on your feet working for most of the time. We do however practice recall individually. The classes are positive and fun. We use reward systems that work for each dog. Not all dogs will work for food! Working with each dog and owner as an individual allows us to help you in your particular situation. No two dogs or owners are the same. Our beginners’ courses are very popular and fill up very quickly. Quite often people will stay with us for a few courses or, when they achieve the appropriate level, move up in to our intermediate and advanced classes. Here there is an opportunity to try out a higher level of obedience and start basic agility and even some heel work to music steps!! The emphasis is on teaching your dog new and interesting things in a happy relaxed atmosphere. Good manners and sociable pet dogs rather than competition champions!

If you feel this is the class for you, then get in touch with us and put your name down!!

Wednesday - Wilden Village Hall                6:30 pm Beginners,

                                                                    7:30 pm Intermediate.

8:30 pm Intermediate.


Thursday - Wilden Village Hall                    6:30 pm Beginners

       7:30 pm Advanced / **Display Practice

       8:30 pm Rally obedience

Friday - Wilden Village Hall                         9.30am Rally obedience


Six week course fee £60. A  £30 deposit is required for all bookings.

All new clients must start off in beginners.

"He will be yours faithful and true

to the last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be worthy

of such devotion" (Author unknown)

Email:   Telephone: 01299 489421   Mobile: 07739 551043